3 Simple Ways to Improve your Makeup Artistry Skills

Makeup Artistry is a skill that like any other art form takes practice to perfect. Think about an athlete, painter or musician, these people hone their skills for many years. For some reason us makeup artist seem less inclined to approach our craft like the other masters of their crafts. So here are 3 simple things that you can do to improve your Makeup Artistry Skills. 

1. Recreate and Repeat 

This is a practice used often in the art school.  Painters and illustrators learn to recreate the classics, they repeat this as many times as needed to fully integrate the techniques. This helps Artist to develop the skills to further their abilities. So, put these iconic art school techniques to use in the world of makeup. Start by recreating one of your all time favorite makeups. Take your time, try to nail each detail. experiment with brushes, tools and products.  

2. Explore other Art Mediums 

Each art medium we explore only straightens are next art medium. This is true for all forms of art from sculpting to airbrushing. When we explore other many forms of art we develop new nero connections that help us in be better artists all around. You can pick up drawing, learn digital art or experiment with pastels, just do something, anything! We promise you you will see instant improvements in your makeup artistry from detail work to color blending. 

 pigment Makeup

3.Connect to your Creativity

Take time each day to connect to your creativity. You can do this in many ways, mediate, exercise or enjoy looking at art, anything that helps you to clear your mind and connect to yourself. As artists that make money off of our creativity we can often get stuck in limiting beliefs that don't allow us to take action on our creative ideas. by spending time away from that over critical part of our minds we cultivate more artistic freedom and find flow in what ever action is helping us to clear our minds.  Find the way that helps you to connect to your creativity and do it every damn day! 

Here's our YouTube video "5 Ways to Improve your Creative Makeup"



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