We love the idea of using everyday or crafting items and working them into a makeup application. This, I think is why we are obsessed with Working with appliqués, also known as gluing shit to the face (lol), but seriously appliqués can totally elevate an artistic makeup when used correctly.

Photography @lindsayadler_photo

Hair @lihnhair

Makeup by @lijhajade

The real art of this entire process is not just going to Micheal's and scouring the isles for inspiration or a glimmer of innovation. Its about using available items and placing or altering them enough to make it unrecognizable and ultimately a new piece of living art. So how do you know if you succeed, will people wonder, "how in the hell did that happen?" or "oh why didn't I think of that?" We live for makeup like that!

Working with appliqués is a learning process, and believe me, I have had a few complete fails. So here are a few recommendation to make your journey slightly easier and learn from our mistakes.

Our recommendation is first to find inspiration. What are you wanting to accomplish? what mood are you going for? Then hit the craft store, remember you are looking for items that you can repurpose and maybe even layer.

Doilies which you may have guessed, but heres how I used them in a unique way:

Check out our photo deconstruction on YouTube.


Happy Crafting

Lijha +Yvonne


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