Downsizing Your Kit

Hey Creatives, 

I'm going in hard with some Virgo organization skills for this one.  I mean organization, compartmentalization, and minimization are key when it come to our makeup kits!

We love to pack more and carry less. This is why we spend time downsizing and compartmentalizing regularly. When you transfer products from their bulky packaging you would be so surprised how much more you can take with you. By bringing more product we are able to meet the needs of creative work and anything else that may be thrown to us on set. So here are our kit downsizing must haves to minimize your kit while maximizing your products.


Cylinder Bottle with Snap Cap 50 ML- Perfect for carrying many shades of liquid foundation. Make sure you get the squeeze bottle so you can get every last drop of your product out. 

Foundation Travel Bottle

Cylinder Bottle with Snap Cap 100 ML- The larger size is great for Makeup Removers, Micellar Water, and primers. Really anything that's liquid and that you need to carry slightly larger quantities.

Kit containers

Plastic Box- Great for small tools like tweezers, Lash curler, pencil sharper and any other small items that get easily misplaced. 

Containers for Makeup Kits

PE Tube L- This is the perfect size for lotions, tanners, or body glow. The large size allows you to carry more for the body, but not get too bulky. 

Body Lotion Container



Vuset 24  Empty Palette- This size is great for lipsticks each slot holds about half of a tube of lipstick. Its also perfect for cream foundations, I mean you can carry 24 shades that fit right in the palm of your hand. 

Vuset 12 Empty Palette- I love the large slot empty pallets for Cream Colors, like blushes, highlighters and even face paint. 



MAKE UP FOR EVER Empty Metal Pallet Pro- This is a great size palette for eyeshadows, brow powders, blushes or powder highlighter. Also, the top comes off completely which makes it very easy to organize on set. 

Empty Pallet for Makeup Kit

Bottle with Dropper Cap 20 ML

Empty Makeup Kit Bottle

Spray bottel 


The Adept Magnetic Palette 

Empty Eyeshadow Palette
Some other Essentials that you may need:
Spatula and Palette 
Small Funnel- To dram liquids 
Beauty So Clean Wipes- To clean and refresh your products while your organize 
Labeler- To clearly mark your new containers  
Happy Organizing! 
Lijha + Yvonne 

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