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So editorial Makeup is a vast world, so we wanted to take minute to breakdown the world of editorial and what kind of makeup styles you may see in each category. Typically when you think editorial you may think Magazine or your mind may go to super creative, while each those could be correct it depends which category of editorial you are talking about. 

Here are the 4 categories we will be discussing; Beauty Editorials, Hair/Accessories Editorials, Fashion Editorials, and Creative Editorials.

When working in editorial you are usually creating a story to be published in a print or online. One editorial can contain anywhere between 6-8 Images, that share a cohesive thread. Many magazines take submissions monthly for photographers, Makeup artists, stylist or hair stylist to publish editorials. 

It's important for you to know that editorial work is usually TFP (Trade for Print) this is when a group of creatives comes together and every one trades their time for published photos. 

I'd like to preference this by saying this is only a snap shot to give you an idea of working in the the world of editorial. Nothing is set in stone, so always remember to be flexible and collaborate with your creative team. 

So here are the 4 categories of editorial broken down: 

1. Beauty Editorials 

Beauty Editorials are usually focused mostly on the makeup, they are shot from the shoulders up and the atheistic is focused on beauty. These shots are all about showing texture, color and shape. Beauty shots can have many types of lighting scenarios, but it should always be focused on enhancing the features. Here are a few examples of Beauty Editorials: 

Makeup by Lijha Stewart
Makeup by Lijha Stewart
Makeup by Lijha Stewart

2. Hair/Accessories Editoral 

Hair and Accessories editorials are usually shot similar to Beauty Editorials, Shoulder up and focus on Head, face, neck, Ect. They may focus on jewelry, hats, necklaces or hair. Styling may be included but most of the shots are still in beauty crops. These types of editorials can be all Hair or Accessories so makeup takes a backset or it may about matching the makeup to the drama of the hair and accessories, It all depends on the art direction. Here are few examples :

Makeup by Lijha Stewart
Makeup by Lijha Stewarta

3. Fashion Editorials 

Fashion editorial also tell beautiful stories but they may include more cinematic backdrops, show the entire outfit, or are shot to feature an article of clothing. Most of the time these images are shot from a further perspective. The makeup style for these shots can be more intense due to the scale or simple allowing the clothing to shine. These images are intended to convey the textures, colors and shapes of clothing and the makeup should complement the styling and add value to the story telling. Here are some examples of Fashion editorials. 


4. Creative Editorials 

Creative Editorials are more experimental. They may show case one or many of types of image from the other categories and can incorporate unique crops and experimental lighting. Depending on the creative direction it may be all about the makeup or feature other elements. Here are few examples: 

This is quick summary and we hope this helps you navigate the wild and ever-changing world of editorial. If you want to learn more about working in the world of creative makeup check out our THE CREATIVE MAKEUP BOOTCAMP DIGITAL EXPERIENCE. 

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