Top 10 Brushes Every Makeup Artist needs

Whats up Creatives! Let's talk brushes I mean really they are our most coveted tools. We often buy brushes for the shape or the feel (I know I am a sucker for soft fluffy brushes), but do you really know why or how to use your brushes to the best of their ability? 

First, Synthetic or Natural? We believe this is an artist preference, but here are the facts- Synthetic brushes are usually made from a nylon or other plastics and can be really amazing for creams, foundations, and cream eyeliners. One benefit of Synthetic brushes is they tend to keep their shape and wash very easily, plus they are not so they don't absorb product. Synthetic Fibers have come along way and can act as great "vegan" alternative their natural hair counterparts. 

Natural fiber brushes are usually created using various animal furs and hairs, sable squirrel and fox are some of the more popular for natural brushes. Don't worry no animals are hurt in the process of making theses kinds of brushes, it is more like a hair cut for them. Natural fiber brushes are usually hand made and crafted using materials that are more rare and harvest, this is why they tend to cost more. We love using natural fibers for powders because the brushes grab and blend product better. 

Which is superior, Natural or Synthetic? Honestly it's up to the user, artist have to experiment with what works better for them. Yvonne and I carry both Natural and synthetic brushes, so  Let's talk about the 10 Brushes every makeup Artist needs. One other quick note, we listed brush by categories but keep in mind that any brush can be used for anything. The categories are simply suggestions :)  


COZZETTE Duo Fusion Foundation Brush P320 This Brush is a lux duo-fiber dome shaped design that was created to prime, stipple and sculpt the complexion. We love they way it applies primers cream and liquid foundation. I bet you can't just have one once your try it! 

Foundation Brush


MAKE UP FOR EVER  Flat Highlighter Brush #142  This brush is round but flat, Weird we know, but what it gives you is perfect accuracy with your placement when highlighting. This brushes cozies up just perfect for a soft crease blend too! 


Ok so, the trick for natural contouring that works every time is keeping the brush moving and never do any hard lines on the face, instead softly blend as you go! Thats why we Love this brush so much STILAZZI L302- Prime, this natural Goat Hair brush is the perfect size for contouring all of the face. The soft and bristles work amazing with both powders and creams. 

Contour Brush


Powder brushes always cost the most, this is because of their size, they use the most materials to produce. We think SMITH COSMETICS 154 Quil Face Brush is the best bang for you buck.  This brush has a cool tapered shape that allows you to blend and place with accuracy. It smooths on powder, bronzer and blushes for an even application, plus the tapered tip allows you to get to those smaller hot spots like, around the nose and the center of the eyebrows. 

Powder Brush


Did you know that one of the number one makeup mistakes is blush placement? This is because we often use brushes that are too large for the face and this is just one of the reasons we love ESUM G53-Medium Dome Blush Brush. Its the perfect size for cheeks plus it's  domed style makeup brush is ideal for a controlled application of cheek color and even highlight. This brush is made of soft fiber goat hair provides sheer to medium coverage of powder makeup. 

Blush Brush


NYX PROFESSIONAL Pro Dual Brow Brush  Ok, so we we think PRO Makeup Artists we don't usually think NYX but, this is one of the best brow brushes we have ever used! The angle side is firm, so its great for apply creams, waxes or powders to the brows, Plus the brow brush on the other side is great quality and wonderful for shaping the brows. Brow Brush

7. and 8. EYESHADOW

When it come to eyeshadow you need at least two brushes something firm for placing color without fall out and soothing fluffy for blending product and creating smooth transitions. We are obsessed with STILAZZI'S L218- Large Pointed Crease Brush. It's absolutely perfect for applying intense colors on the eyes and shaping the crease. We promise you can't just have one!  

Eyeshadow Brush

Our favorite blending brush for the eyes is SMITH COSMETICS 232 Quill Crease Brush Large. The shape of this brush is divine and hugs the crease perfectly to blend color perfectly. 

Eyeshadow blending Brush


We believe eyeliner brushes are very personal to the artists hand. Our favorite brushes are thin fine and great for detail work. Many artist prefer angle brushes for eyeliner it really depends on your hand and what is best for you. We are obsessed with MY KIT CO 1.22 PRO- My Feliner. This brush gives you the smoothest lines perfect for the illusive cat eye. 

Eyeliner Brush

10. LIPS 

COZZETTE P370 Stylist Lip Brush is the best! Here's the thing lips are hard to do, a great lip brush can really help. We love this one from Cozzette because to its long fibers and tapered tips that help lip color to glide on. 

Lip Brush

So go through your tools, see what you already have and invest wisely. It's all about shape and fibers and don't forget brushes are used the way you want them to be used, don't limit yourself to specific categories.

Happy Creating!!!


  • Thanks for that tip!! Definitely going to consider And purchase to try them out

    Alma Sanchez
  • Thank you for the helpful article. To clarify, I heard don’t use creams and liquid with natural hair that’s dyed cause it might ruin the brush. Is that true?

    Also, can you recommend brush cleaners?


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