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VIP Package * Includes Printable Workbook and 2 Hr Coaching Session | 8 STEPS TO YOUR PERSONAL POWER

VIP Package * Includes Printable Workbook and 2 Hr Coaching Session | 8 STEPS TO YOUR PERSONAL POWER

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VIP Package * Includes Printable Workbook and 2 Hr Coaching Session

Hey fellow Creatives!

Do you ever feel like everyone else is doing it better/faster/easier than you? Like the world is racing by at the speed-of-light and you're struggling to just keep up? Do you have a message to share, but when you try to speak on camera or in front of a group -- you freeze?

Here is the good news: you are not alone! So many creatives also this uncomfortable feeling caused by limiting beliefs..And heres some even better news these are all signs that you are ready to step into Your Personal Power.

This is a unique media training and personal development workshop was designed by really listening to the tens of thousands of fellow Creatives, Educators and Entrepreneurs whom I've been teaching, mentoring and coaching over the last decade.

What I began to connect is that we all have 3 needs in common: The ability to plant and nourish the seeds of our wildest dreams and ideas; to trust ourselves enough to bring these desires into fruition; and finally — to be able to share our ideas to the world with confidence. All of these things take inner work.

I'm going to give you the tools so that you can immediately begin unlocking your own personal power- helping you to eradicate self-imposted limitations so you can get out of your own way and start turning your dreams into reality! 

Apply these personal development tools to your real life scenarios, in and out of work and begin embracing a new, fearless and more self-confident you. Trusting your message and intuition will free you from your untapped earning and learning potential.

From decades of my own Media Training and on-camera experience, you will also attend a crash course that will give you the techniques to speak authentically on camera. Learning these skills will strengthen your impact online and engage the audiences, communities and clients that want to be connected to you. 

You will learn my Art of Influencing + Engaging for live presentations and events. This can also be applied to increase authentic engagement on your own professional and personal social media platforms, in your work and professional relationships.. even in negotiations at the office or home!

Finally, you will learn the formula of how to create impactful presentations in both long and short formats, that will immediately connect YOU to the audiences and clients that are seeking you! 




DAY 1 

STEP ONE - Believing in Your Message

STEP TWO - Building a Bridge to Your Audiences 

STEP THREE - Examining Limiting Beliefs / Quieting The Critic

STEP FOUR -  Your Untapped Earning + Learning Potential 


STEP FIVE - Eradicating Imposter Syndrome 

STEP SIX - Media Training for On Camera Presenting

STEP SEVEN - The Art Of Influencing + Engaging for Live/Digital Events

STEP EIGHT - Creating Impactful, Authentic Presentations 


Your digital ticket will give you all access to any of the 3 LIVE digital events coming in September, October or November, (see dates and times listed below). Your access code information will be emailed directly to you 1 week before class.


Regular 2-Day Digital Event Ticket $99  * VIP tickets $149 Classes 12p-4p EST 

SESSION 1: SEPT 23-24, 2023.

SESSION 2: OCTOBER 21-22, 2023.

SESSION 3 NOVEMBER 18-19, 2023.


All attendees who participate will receive a certificate of completion. All VIP attendees will be invited to stay for an exclusive hot seat media training + coaching session with Yvonne each day AS WELL as a downloadable follow along workbook so you can track YOUR progress with this robust training program at home!

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